Your Favorite Pizza Topping Can Cure Breast Cancer

mushroomQuick. What's the best way to cure breast cancer? A mega dose of some noxious chemotherapy? Burning the crap out of it with radiation? Or something 100 percent natural?

Believe it or not, real scientists have determined that the real way to battle the disease that kills 40,000 American women annually might just be made up of mushrooms! How cool is that? My favorite pizza topping ... curing breast cancer. Huzzah!


The news comes out of research conducted by scientists at Indiana University and Methodist Research Institute, who looked at highly metastatic human breast cancer cells -- in other words, the kind that spread like wildfire in the body. When faced with a formula developed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, using root extracts and a mix of three mushrooms (oriolus versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum, and Phellinus linteus), all grown by USDA certified organic farmers, the spread of the cancer was greatly suppressed. This is good news, especially for people battling cancer in the later, more advanced stages, for whom traditional treatments haven't yet proven effective.

All of it is fascinating, interesting, good news, really, but I can't get away from the mushrooms part! We read every day about people fighting cancer who threw up their hands and said "no more chemo, no more chemicals." I know survivors who suffered a relapse and refused to go through that again.

But Dr. Eliaz, who practices integrative medicine, says he believes in "patient-driven medicine." That's what this sounds like to me; scientists looking to find ways to both beat this horrible disease and take into account what patients want to help them get well. So he's gone for nature, for no chemicals, for a fungus most of us save for our pizza. And it's working.

What do you think of this possibility?


Image via Gyorgy Kovacs/Flickr

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