New Breast Cancer Perfume Stinks

$35; Kohls.comOne would think any product to benefit breast cancer research would be a good thing, but a new perfume from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is causing a big stink. The scent, named "Promise Me," is expected to raise at least $1 million for breast cancer research. What could possibly be wrong with that?

The fact that it's perfume. Perfumes and scented products are known to make chemotherapy patients nauseated, not to mention the fact that studies have shown a link between chemicals in perfumes and breast cancer. Naturally, breast cancer survivors are seeing red when it comes to this pink product. 


Lani Horn, who writes, shared her outrage with USA Today.

"There have been a lot of signals that Komen has lost touch with its core constituency. But this felt like a personal insult."

Indeed, it does seem a little like raising money for alcoholism research by selling beer, or hawking cookies and baked goods to fund obesity research. While assumedly well-intended, it just doesn't pass the sniff test.

Nancy Brinker, Komen's founder, told the paper she's confident the perfume is safe, and that she's asked the manufacturer to look into removing any "irritating scents." According to survivors, that would likely mean removing the product from shelves entirely.

What do you think of "Promise Me" perfume to benefit breast cancer research?

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