The Shocking Way Whitney Port Preps for a Party

whitney portTry to find something un-cute about Whitney Port. Go ahead, I dare you! Her style? Cute. The dudes she dates? Cute (albeit a little douchey). Her personality? Cute. Her pre-party ritual? Super cute!

Instead of sitting in hair and makeup for hours on end or downing a couple glasses of champs like most celebrities, the former star of The City has the coolest way to get fired up -- and pretty -- for a night out on the town. Find out what it is after the jump. (Hint: It won't cost you a dime!)


She does push-ups! How cute is that? Can you envision Whitney working out Rocky-style before going out without a smile coming to your face? It's impossible!

Whitney not only does push-ups to get pumped up -- literally -- for her night out, but she's all about fitting in fitness when she can. She recently told People that it's hard to find time to work out when she's travelling (which is often), so she compensates by squeezing in little bits here and there. I'm with you, sister.

Granted I'm not as busy as Whitney, but as someone who sits on their you-know-what all day for work, I can totally relate. Every day, I make an effort to do something "non-lazy." Be it walking to a farther train station, doing a couple of crunches in the morning, or taking my dog on an extra long walk at night -- and it helps! The weeks that I don't get around to doing anything, be it because of plans I have or general laziness, I just don't feel as good.

I always get kind of bummed out when people say they have "no time" to work out, 'cause, well, no one really does -- but there are so many ways to squeeze in little bits of exercise throughout the day. Not to get all "Get in Shape, Girl!" on you, but here are some of my faves:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (an oldie, but goodie).
  • Parking your car far away (no, farther) from where you're going.
  • Doing crunches (or whatever the exercise of your choice is) while watching TV at night. Yes, it's annoying. But a flat stomach isn't!
  • Doing 30 leg lifts (or, again, whatever) before you leave for work, and then 30 when you get home.

See, ladies, it's not all that hard. If Whitney and I can do it, you can too!

Oh, and totally unrelated, here's a vintage Get in Shape, Girl! commercial just 'cause. My above reference had me YouTubing for a bit and I thought I'd share the wealth. You're welcome. How much do you miss those ribbons?

What do you think of Whitney's pre-party ritual? Do you fit fitness into your days ... be honest.


Image via Dave Kotinsky/Getty

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