Cindy Crawford's Bad Workout Advice

cindy crawfordHey, I love an easy way out. And I really don't mind following poor advice if it's what I want to hear. Enter supermodel Cindy Crawford. Now there's someone who probably knows a thing or two about healthy living. Her income depends on her looks, so you know keeping her body in shape, her hair shiny and her mole in line are priorities for the 45-year-old mother of two.

She'd have you believing otherwise, though.

Wait til you hear what she says about her lax workout routine.


Crawford claims she only works out two or three times a week. The Propel Zero spokesmodel says:

As life has evolved and changed, I think especially after having kids, I changed my workouts because I realized that I couldn’t kill myself with my workouts. I needed my workouts to leave me more energized. I try to work out three days a week but sometimes it’s only two. And I work out for about an hour. I try to do twenty to thirty minutes of cardio. Sometimes I do it in one chunk, sometimes I break it up. The other 30-40 minutes is weight training or squats and lunges.

That is great. Just great. I'm so happy the Cindy doesn't need the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day. She may be one of the lucky ones with a metabolism faster than a speeding bullet and a private chef making sure she doesn't have over 1,000 calories a day, but that's certainly not me. Probably not you, either.

I agree that she likely needed to tone down the intensity and frequency of her workouts so that she could have energy left for her kids, but I .... I guess I'm just jealous. I think I'm just sitting here popping in sour grape after sour grape into this sad body of mine that could never, ever, be fit with only two workouts a week. (Chomp, chomp.)

While Cindy's not suggesting her plan will work for everyone, if she's going to rep a sports drink, she might need to stop alienating her fellow gym rats with sound bites about her easy workouts. (Chomp chomp.)

Some of us have to hit the gym hard. (Chomp chomp.) Someone pass me a napkin; this grape juice is about to drizzle down and stain my workout shirt.

How often do you workout?

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