'Pawn Stars' Drastic Weight Loss Makes Me Trust Infomercials


pawn stars lap band weight loss
Corey Harrison, center, before Lap-Band
As if you don't see enough billboards, print ads, infomercials, and pamphlets in the doctor's office extolling the virtues of the Lap-Band for weight loss, it's now becoming a celebrity-endorsed way to lose weight. Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison of History's Pawn Stars has come out to announce a 115-pound weight loss due to his Lap-Band surgery. Surely his rotund sidekick, Chumlee, is next under the knife.

Although it's not exactly an under-the-knife type procedure. In fact, it's as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 1-800-GET-THIN if you're to believe all the ads that seem to be strategically hanging over your local McDonald's.

But what the heck is Lap-Band surgery? And is something that seems to be so simple actually safe? I need to know!

Weight loss surgery is a life-saver for many people, and any side effects are worth putting an end to a long struggle with weight. The Lap-Band has risen in popularity because it is less invasive than gastric bypass surgery and more effective (in some people) than diet and exercise. But having the stomach binding ring inserted inside of you via laparoscopic surgery and adjusted so you can't overeat without throwing up does force you to diet. Your motivation is now, "Oh my god, I don't want to get sick" rather than "Just one cheeseburger isn't going to hurt me." Because from all accounts, it does hurt when you overindulge with the Lap-Band squeezing your stomach.

While the surgery part of the Lap-Band is an outpatient procedure, any surgery has risks. While rare, it is possible to die undergoing the Lap-Band surgery, as happened earlier this year in Los Angeles. Which means you must search for a qualified surgical team before undergoing this procedure. After the surgery you're going to feel uncomfortable, bloated, and some sensitivity at the site of the device where your doctor will perform future adjustments (a relatively painless procedure, done with a needle insertion). You will be on a liquid diet, then puree diet, then soft foods for some time. After that, you need to follow a healthy diet and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Kind of sounds like a normal weight loss routine, right?

Regardless of how the message is getting out there, Corey is an example of its success. He's no longer at risk for diabetes, and he is off medication he had to take before the procedure. While I'm not one to order up health care during my midnight "Perry Mason" marathon, it does seem that this overexposed product is helping people out.

Would you get the Lap-Band?


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Lynette Lynette

My FIL has it and I think it's awful.  So many healthy foods he can't eat.  chicken, rice, and other things.  It's too dry.  But hey he can get down hot dogs.  He would have been better off getting a fancy blender(Blentec or Vitamixer) and making green smoothies for his meals.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I find it sad that there are people who can't look at a cheeseburger and refuse it because it's going to kill them but they can refuse it because it will give them a tummy ache. I guess it's all part of the retarded attention span that so many people have nowadays, just blown up in to an inability to see the big picture.

Mommy... MommyofDestiny

My mom has it and yup chicken is a big no no and I love chicken. The list of foods you cant have is crazy. And alot of it is healthier foods. I wouldn't have it done. My mom has all kinds of problems with hers and throws up aftershe eats most acceptable foods. Ugh

kisse... kisses5050

because of the amount gas that healthier food produces  a lot of it is "no no" food because of the excruciating pain it causes.  The people I have known who have had it have had mixed feelings... one loved it..one became very depressed...

nonmember avatar Liz

My SIL had the lap-band done a few years ago and she's now heavier than she's ever been. Initially she lost a lot of weight but it's all come back on. The band, as I understand it, is kind of like an inflatable donut squeezing the stomach. Periodically you go back the doctor and they inflate it more as necessary. She has to eat standing up (which is especially annoying when we go to a restaurant because she spends the whole dinner walking around the table) and she can't eat a lot at one time, but she still eats a high calorie diet and doesn't exercise, consequently she's gained all the weight back and then some.

nonmember avatar hoogiefutz

I think it's ridiculous to be honest. You can either, eat right and exercise. OR you can risk your life by having surgery, pay a large amount of money for said surgery and then STILL EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE. Why not just eat right and exercise from the beginning??????

clean... cleanaturalady

I know a couple of people who got this procedure and they didn't lose much weight.  I wonder how they were able to stay the same?  I am curious, but would never ask them. 

allie... alliesmom112

Idk. I guess if nothing else worked I would consider it

elasmimi elasmimi

I had a friend who had it 10 yeas ago, and I have not eaten a meal with her since then when she didn't have to excuse herself to vomit. She did lose 100 pounds, but needed to lose 200, and has gained some back. You can get around anything, it is not a miracle cure. You still have to have will power, and if you have that, why have the surgery??? My husband wants it sooo bad, but insurance won't pay, and I am (secretly) glad. He is now deveoping healthier eating habits.

nonmember avatar Lap Band Gal

I had lap band surgery 20 months ago. I have lost 111+ lbs in 14 months and am now maintaining my weightloss. I was a size 24W and am now a size 6. I have NEVER vommitted since surgery. NEVER. I eat ALL foods. Chicken, yep. Rice, yep. ALL FOODS. The lap band is a tool, not a quick fix.

April (blogger): please note that this surgery is a HUGE deal and is indeed an "under the knife" surgery and I stayed overnight in the hospital.

If you would like to learn more about what life is like with a lap band, please check out my blog: lapbandgalsjourney.blogspot.com

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