It's About Bloody Time Maxi Pad Ads Looked Realistic

always maxi pad mazeFor DECADES, we women have been subject to TV and print ads for tampons and sanitary napkins that refused to deal with our periods as they actually exist. Over and over, the feminine hygiene products absorbed a "cleaner-looking" blue detergent-esque liquid. As IF menstrual fluid was some kind of chemical, alien, watery blue substance. We've wondered for years why ad agencies persisted in showing us this cockamamie fable! We know better, alright?! And believe it or not, MEN do, too!

But now, finally, finallllyyyyy -- the tampon/pad industry has entered the real world-slash-21st century! Always has a new AMERICAN (yes, that's important to note, because those Europeans are always cooler with bodily function stuff than we are) ad featuring a sanitary napkin with a maze trapping ... a TINY RED DOT. OMG! It's a miracle! Hallelujah!!!


No longer will a woman's menstruation be represented by false, "sanitized" (pun intended) imagery. A period is red. It is BLOOD. And we experience it every damn month! Someone finally gets that! Wow. It's a groundbreaking moment for us, ladies. It's the red spot heard 'round the world.

What do you think about this new ad?


Image via Always

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