Women's Magazine Tells Us to Grow a Pair

women drinking beer photoShape magazine is telling us that guys are healthier -- emotionally and physically -- and we should adopt their "good-for-you" habits like drinking beer and yelling at people.

Come again?

The story makes all women sound like anorexic waifs who don't know how to eat right and are so timid, they won't speak their minds. Instead, the writer implies, they starve themselves, cry when people get mad, and let their problems fester until they've driven themselves crazy.


Why do so many women's magazines talk down to women this way? Enough, already!

Among the "tips" the writer offers: "Eat a real meal," "Be a straight shooter" (as in, talk about your feelings), "Grab a beer," and "Be a show-off."

This is so wrong on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin.

First of all, last time I checked -- no offense, guys -- men weren't exactly masters of the art of communication. More men I know than women are the ones who don't say how they feel and stew instead of trying to address what's bothering them.

"Men yell at each other and no one cries," the writer says. The expert advice that follows ("Communicate with the person who made you angry") is condescending at best.

Second of all, since when do eating eggs for breakfast, drinking beer, and showing off constitute healthy behavior? The arguments for are even more preposterous:

"In the morning, swap your usual bowl of cornflakes for an egg-and-cheese sandwich. ... Front-loading your calories ... actually helps you take in fewer calories overall."

"Regular beer has about half the calories (12 per ounce) of wine and liquor. ... What's more, beer is heart-healthy."

"Recent research shows that while men are typically pleased with or indifferent to what they see in the mirror, eight out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection. ... Hit the gym."

Ridiculous and sexist at the same time! (All we care about is watching our weight, right?) Lovely.

The stereotyping the writer indulges in is just as offensive to men. I know plenty of guys who don't like beer, don't eat hearty, manly breakfasts, and aren't cocky you-know-whats.

Please, women's magazines, stop pretending you're on our side and then slapping us in the face with insults packaged as advice. Stop being sexist and condescending. Stop assuming we're all the same, and all we care about are guys, our weight, the latest fashion, and makeup. You're doing the very people you're catering to -- women -- a huge disservice.

Do you feel like women's magazines talk down to you?


Image via Valerie's Genealogy Photos/Flickr

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