Sean Kingston Deserves to Booze It Up After His Accident

sean kingstonIn my opinion, celebrations are best when they include two things: Cake and cocktails. And although I don't know if there were any sweet treats at Sean Kingston's July 4th House Party, there was definitely booze. 

The star has plenty to celebrate -- that's for sure. The 21-year-old was recently released from the hospital following a May 29 jet ski accident that left him with a fractured wrist, broken jaw, and water-filled lungs. The only evidence of his little water incident from photos of his Independence Day bash? A wrist cast. No biggie.

And while some people are criticizing him for not taking the time to recuperate in peace and quiet, I say l'chaim! The "Beautiful Girls" singer deserves to have a drink or two after being out of commission for more than three weeks. Because let's face it: Alcohol consumption has nothing to do with the healing process.


Kingston was reportedly sent home to finish his rehabilitation there. It's been two weeks since he arrived home, and now he's feeling better. So what's a man to do on one of the biggest holidays of the year? See his friends. But of course, anyone who hears the words "celebrities" and "alcohol" in the same sentence automatically thinks there's a problem.

So many people equate drinking with being unhealthy, but I'm pretty sure there are loads of studies that prove this factoid wrong. Haven't we all heard the "glass of wine a day" factoid? You know, the one that says there are cognitive benefits to consuming alcohol, on the regular? Sean had friends over. He probably had a drink or two. And they poked fun at the whole scenario by warning guests "no jet-skiing!"

To those who say that he isn't taking his recovery seriously, you must not have seen his Twitter account. Every day, he's showing his appreciation for the support of his friends and family, thanking god for allowing him to live, and telling the world about his successful rehab.

I'm not saying that I in any way support the notion that Sean Kingston should be drinking to the point of obliteration, of course. But the man just battled for his life in the hospital after a terrifying accident. Starting at critical condition, he slowly recuperated to the point he is now. Now, while his wrist may be bandaged, he's mentally fine.

If his successful rehabilitation is not cause for celebration, including a few drinks, then I don't know what is.

Do you think Sean Kingston is celebrating too soon?


Image via mel_rowling/Flickr

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