Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow Are 'Liar-exics'


cameron diazSo you've obviously heard of the disorder Anorexia, and I'm sure you've even (unfortunately) heard of the "disorder" Tanorexia. But have you heard about the new rexia in town? Have you heard of ... Liar-exia?

I'm sure you have, but just don't know it. Many actresses, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and LeAnn Rimes, could be deemed Liar-exics. You actually may even know a few Liar-exics yourself.

Do you know what it is yet? Are you a Liar-exic?

Liar-exia is the disorder in which itty-bitty teeny-tiny women claim they eat soooo much -- and order soooo much when you're out to eat with them (appetizer, entree, dessert) -- when in reality, when they're alone, it's nothing but clear broth and a celery stick. Everybody knows one. Unless you're a workout fanatic or under the age of 18, it's simply not possible to pig out all the time and stay slim.

This brings me to a larger issue -- eating in front of other people, and how it changes our normal patterns. I personally always wind up consuming more when out to dinner with friends or family, as, well, it's kind of like party time! On only rare occasions do my husband and I order appetizers when out to dinner. And if we do, well, I can barely make it through half my meal. If we're with a group, though, I'll totally dig into an appetizer, and an entree, and maybe even dessert. And I'll feel completely sick afterwards. And I don't do it so "people think I eat," I do it because it's there.

I don't think this is the case with rail-thin celebrities, though. I whole-heartedly believe they're piling on the calories when in public and essentially starving themselves (or working out nine hours a day) when they're alone. And we can't totally blame them (aside from the completely warped message they're sending to young girls who think they can eat and eat and eat and stay slim like Gwynnie). It's kind of annoying when people are watching what you consume every waking moment. Some people naturally have small appetites -- and don't want to eat two plates of nachos. It doesn't mean they have an eating disorder. And, conversely, some people have big ones. Maybe they stay in shape from working out? Who knows? Who cares?

Whether this "disorder" will ever make it to the medical text books is beyond me. But I do like the option of adding "rexia" to any and all adjectives. Bitchorexia, Jerkorexia, Slutorexia. Really, the possibilities are endless ... orexia.

Do you know a Liar-exic?


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nonmember avatar Shelly

This drives me crazy!!! I have never weighed over 105 pounds in my life (aside from pregnancy, lost that in 2 weeks.) People always accuse me of this. Guess what! There ARE woman out there who just don't gain weight, and can eat whatever they want. It doesn't mean we're puking behind closed doors, or eating a stick of gum for dinner.

daerc... daerca574

If it doesn't directly affect me I could care less.

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

I'm super small.  (5'2 - 115lbs - Size 0-2) Sometimes I eat huge amounts sometimes I don't.  I'm not as active as I normally am so I am carrying a little extra weight.  It seems certain people are super excited about this and go out of their way to say things to me about it.  I notice its the same people who make back handed comments to me when I'm at my ideal weight and in perfect shape.  If anyone ever accused me of starving myself when I was alone they would get cussed out from here to there.    

I think it sends an even worse message to young girls when they see grown woman picking apart each other.  

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I don't know about the others but Gywneth Paltrow is quite open about her eating and exercise habits. She eats healthy portions of healthy foods and she works very hard to maintain her body.

Personally I have a pretty light appetite most of the time, including when I'm eating out. Usually I have an appetizer or a lunch portion if it's midday and it's still too much food for me. If I were skinny I bet nobody would bat an eyelid but I'm not. People assume that I must eat like a pig because I'm overweight and it's just not true. If I wanted more I'd eat more but some people just assume that the fat chick is eating half an appetizer because she's ashamed to be seen eating and that she's going to stop for a box of donuts in the way home. It's almost impossible to convince someone that a bowl of veggie soup really is a typical lunch for you when you look like you could polish off a large pizza alone, probably even harder than a skinny girl convincing people that she really does eat mcdonalds every week.

Peajewel Peajewel

I don't think I know anyone and I am not one myself either.

nonmember avatar Lexi

I agree with a lot of these comments. Especially the one about Gwyneth Paltrow. She claims to eat a lot and I'm sure she does. But she does it in healthy portions and she works out and does yoga everyday. I don't think it's fair to say that about celebs especially, because you don't know the celebrity, their eating habits, or their work-out habits. I am 23 and I way 125 and I have always been skinny, and I eat a ton and it has never affected me. Call me a Liar-exic or whatever, but it;s true.

Melanie Broad

My cousin and sister both eat and eat and never excersise but they are just natrually thin. not healthy though. Im quite healthy and excersise heaps and thats to maintain my current weight, im slim, but not thin. Everyone is different and some people can eat terribly and they will stay thin.

Courtney Paige Neale

This article just disgusted me. You are probably one of those people who thinks that every thin person has some kind of eating disorder or something. Well guess the frick what, YOU ARE WRONG!!!! I require 3,000 calories A DAY to maintain my weight!! No, I'm not healthy, obviously I have a health issue because thats not normal but I'm not the only one with it! And I have a couple other friends that are small like I am that DO eat all the time and still dont gain! Get your freaking head out of your @ss....I'm sorry you werent blessed with better jeans (though I seriously dislike being so thin a lot of the time because of people like you) or a better metabolism, but get the hell over it!! There are a lot of people that do have high metabolisms. Its ridiculously moronic of you to not realize that.

Courtney Paige Neale

on top of that....some of the writers on this site seem to have some sick obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow....its really pathetic.

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