Beauty Queen Who Lost Over 100 Pounds Is a Real Winner (VIDEO)

miss south carolina bree boyceWhen it comes to winning the Miss America crown, beauty queen Bree Boyce has an advantage over all the other contestants: She has an intimate relationship with the true meaning of beauty and how it relates to well-being. Now 22 years old, Boyce became Miss South Carolina on Saturday. But at 16, she wore a size 18 and weighed in at 230 pounds!

After adopting a healthy mindset and weight loss plan she summarizes as "throwing the word 'diet' out the window" and "good eating habits, exercise, and believing in yourself," Bree dropped an incredible 110 pounds!

Numbers and sizes aside, I LOVE that Bree wants to take her message to the masses.


She plans to encourage teens to eat right and get moving. There's no doubt she'll be effective, as she has a grip on what it takes to not only pare pounds, but be healthy.

Before she competes for the Miss America title in January, Bree will travel the U.S., speaking about her weight transformation, as well as working on other charitable campaigns.

She's definitely going to be a top contender for Miss America. I'll be cheering for her to win it all!

Check out this inspiring interview with Bree:

What do you think of Bree's story?


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