Entourage Mom Debi Mazar Speaks About Insomnia



JayGirlsMom's little sleeping beauty.

Debi Mazar seems to have it all. She's a successful TV star on the ultra-hip show, Entourage. She plays a mom who juggles work and kids, and that's a lot like her real life. The one thing she doesn't have, though, is sleep. Debi has struggled with insomnia for more than 20 years.



As Cafe MichelleL mentioned today in Entertainment Buzz, Debi recently partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to launch Bedside Briefings, a website with helpful tips on getting to sleep and staying that way.

Here are sleep tips:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule that's about the same seven days a week.
  • Lifestyle change--drink caffeine only in the morning and avoid alcohol close to bedtime.
  • Establish the same relaxing bedtime routine every night.
  • Environment--create a great sleeping room that's cool, quiet, dark and comfortable.
  • Prioritize responsibilities. Try not to bring your tasks to bed, write them down in a notebook for the next day.

If you can't sleep, try the private group up all hours mommas. They'll keep you from being lonely when you're up in the wee hours.

Do you ever suffer from insomnia?

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