Breast Cancer Sham Screws Donors Out of $9 Million

breast cancer ribbonThere's nothing quite as shameful as charity fraud, and this story of a breast cancer scam in New York is a perfect example of just how disgraceful it is to prey on the good intentions of generous people who just want to help.

The state of New York is suing a Long Island-based charity called the Coalition Against Breast Cancer that allegedly raised  more than $9 million over five years to fight breast cancer but instead spent almost all of that money on staff perks.

So where did all the money go if it wasn't going to help breast cancer survivors and their families?


The group raised millions of dollars -- supposedly earmarked for mammograms. But in the last three years, they funded mammograms for only 11 women; the rest of the money was spent on fundraiser fees, huge salaries and benefits packages (the two directors paid themselves more than $550,000 combined in addition to loans to themselves), and personal goods including cellphones and TV services.

It pains me to think that, meanwhile, breast cancer survivors and their families received next to nothing. Hopefully, justice will be swift and merciless in this case, and the people behind the Coalition Against Breast Cancer will be held accountable for their horrific actions.

Have you ever been duped by a charity scam?


Image via pfala/Flickr

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