New Bethenny Frankel Product Cleans You Out of More Than $$


bethenny frankelI'm not ashamed to say anything Bethenny Frankel does, I'm on board with. Bethenny Ever After? Watching. Skinnygirl Margarita? Drinking. Kelly Bensimon bitchfest? Partaking. But this latest endeavor? I'm not so sure about. In fact, you can quote me as being downright skeptical.

In addition to coming out with Skinnygirl Sangria (which I'm so not skeptical about and still wondering when I'll be able to buy it [hint, hint, PR people]), the former Real Housewives of New York star just came out with Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore, which, like the name says, is meant to be a daily cleanse. To that I say ... "daily" cleanse?

The product, which I found on the GNC website, comes in a box of 30 packets (and retails for $60!). It contains ingredients like kelp, dandelion extract, and red beet root. Bethenny instructs us to simply mix a packet in with a glass of water or a smoothie (she suggests apple juice, a banana, and ice) and voila! Your system will be "boosted" and "detoxed."

Well, sounds like all those ingredients are healthy -- certainly couldn't hurt adding them to our diets -- but I'm not so sure this qualifies as a cleanse. To me at least, a cleanse is something that leaves you miserable and starving then five pounds lighter and euphoric. It's the sort of thing Gwyneth Paltrow would -- and has -- promoted. Adding a packet of healthy ingredients to your everyday diet sounds more like vitamins.

There's no question that people will buy this product, though. I mean, come on, it's Bethenny. She could come out with a water line and people would bite. Before you go out and drop the cash, though, consider these other ways to "daily" cleanse:

  • Drink warm water with lemon. It will get things "moving."
  • Try hot yoga (or sit in a steam room).
  • Drink a detox tea. Health food stores, and even regular grocery stores, always have a bunch of different varieties. 

Or, if you're some kind of daredevil, go balls to the wall, and try one of those week-long cleanses. And let me know how it went. And I'll do the same for you in regards to Skinnygirl Sangria.

Are you going to try Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore?


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jonellg jonellg

Her man arms and Quagmire face scare me. (and yes I'm hating) I don't like her, but I do love skinny girl margaritas.

nonmember avatar Maria

This woman is a scam artist period. She is such a greedy, overexposed individual and will suck every dime out of her fans without them realizing they are being duped. She is definitely crafty and clever in that area. In regard to health, this woman looks the furthest thing from a healthy, fit athletic individual. She is a skeleton with an adjusted face. If you are into having a drink on occasion then a tasty Margarita is where it's at. I tasted the skinnygirl drink that was offered at a friend's house not too long ago and it was just yucky. I wouldn't pay money for that but if I needed to drink that much Margarita I would definitely make my own batch. Maybe her drinks are good for a girls party. I don't know...but it tasted pretty awful to me. Also her cleanse products are way too expensive. If she was so concerned about her fans, she would realize that the majority of them are quite young, impressionable, and cannot afford these prices.

You are quite accurate in your Blog, Nicole, that doing natural inexpensive routines can help you just the same. I wish people would be more insightful like you.

1blue... 1bluemonkey

No, thanks.  I love to watch her on t.v. but I don't buy anything just because it's being produced or promoted by celebrities.  Eating natural foods with plenty of fiber and drinking water is cleansing enough.

momka... momkaribg

No thanks I can just buy a bunch of apples and eat them all day long.

aj23 aj23


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