Use Anne Hathaway's Workout Tip to Get Your Own 'Catwoman' Body

anne hathaway bazaarI don't know about you, but I love me some Anne Hathaway. Everyone's favorite princess of Genovia may have been an embarrassment slipped up a bit at the Oscars, but now she's landed a new gig, as Catwoman in The Dark Night Rises, and has a major chance to redeem herself. Thank god! I don't like hearing from all those Anne haters!

I've heard the criticism, and I get it. So what if she isn't Catwoman extraordinaire Halle Barry or feline seductress Michelle Pfeiffer? She's got her own talent. AND -- they all do have one thing in common, and it's critical for the part: Rockin' bodies.

So how's this leading lady look badass in a catsuit? Well, thankfully she's not killing herself with huge weights or drowning in some juice cleanse. In fact, Hathaway's doing something that we can all do too -- and seeing some serious results!

5 ... 6 ... 5, 6, 7, 8.


Hathaway says that she works out, does stunt training (no Rosie Perez-style lawsuits, here!) daily, and caps off her routine with an hour and a half of, yup -- you guessed it -- dance!

I like! Finally, someone who is doing normal physical activity to get fit, instead of pounding themselves to a pulp at the gym. Anne's doing something that many of us regular folk could easily adopt in our own routines if we are trying to shed pounds for a event.

So what types of dance should you do to kiss your extra LBs goodbye? Let's take a look:

Foxtrot, the waltz, and country line dancing: 329 calories/hour

These dances are generally more social and slower-paced.

Jitterbug, tango, and the paso-doble: 389 calories/hour

You should still be able to talk and communicate with others around you during these dances. And you won't necessarily be drenched in sweat, either.

Zumba, salsa, and hip-hop: A whopping 509 calories/hour

These are all high-intensity dances that make you really drip and get your heart rate up. Think Save the Last Dance style.

If you think about it, 329 calories for an hour of low-intensity activity isn't even a bad number! Essentially, going out with the girls could help you trim down for your next big shebang. I'm sold! Of course, gobbling down drinks during your night on the town isn't going to help the situation. So stick to water and low-calorie bevvies and slip on your dancing shoes. Oh and by the way, stilettos up the calorie counts! I'm just sayin'.

Do you dance to work out?


Image via Harper's Bazaar

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