School Principal Has No Hands or Legs But Tons of Heart

merlyna adamsMerlyna Adams may just seem like an average elementary school principal, but she's also an incredibly courageous woman who is an inspiration to many. In 2007, she had a 10mm kidney stone, from which she developed sepsis, a complication caused by infection. She suffered congestive heart failure, renal failure, and pulmonary failure. With restricted blood flow to her hands and feet, she had to have both legs amputated below the knee and she lost both hands

But this terribly sad story took an amazingly positive turn, thanks to her boyfriend (now husband) who stuck with her through her recovery time and also thanks to the doctors she worked with who created prosthetic hands and legs to give her a second lease on life. Now, Merlyna works in an elementary school outside of New Orleans and passes on the valuable message to her students that "acceptance, perseverance, and a positive attitude will take them anywhere they want to go."


Here's a video of her journey from the TODAY Show, which I guarantee will make you tear up a bit ...

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Image via MSNBC

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