Happy Father's Day to 6 Hot & Fit Celebrity Dads We Love

david beckhamIt's no mystery that fathers can have a huge influence on how physically active or athletic their kids are. Aside from the usual teaching us how to ride a bike and signing us up for dance classes or a softball team, my dad taught my brother, sister and me to love hockey (and encouraged my brother to play it), and he always enjoyed throwing a ball around with us in the backyard. I always appreciated my dad's effort to get us kids moving.

Now that I'm looking forward to having kids of my own, I admit there's almost nothing more adorable than watching a guy playing sports with his kid. Hmm, okay maybe a hot, celebrity dad. Well, you know, they tend to be hotter in general and all.

Here, six hot celeb fathers who are likely awesome fitness role models for their kiddos ...

  1. David Beckham - The "footy" star is also a father to three boys already -- and has another kid on the way. Given his track record -- and the fact that his fitness coach Chris Neville of the LA Galaxy says Beckham’s secret is to always push himself that extra ten percent -- you can bet his kids have the best soccer coach in the world.
  2. Brad Pitt - You have to be athletic to keep up with a brood of six kiddos, right?
  3. Will Smith - Father to three children, Trey, Jaden and Willow, the comedian-turned-action star is a dedicated runner, who -- insider info here, people! -- even recently had his own huge gym in a trailer on the set of Men in Black 3. No wonder his kids have all that energy to sing, dance, and whip their hair back and forth!
  4. Ben Affleck - You don't have to be an international soccer star like Becks to be a good daddy. Ben has been spied playing and watching soccer with his two little girls, Violet and Seraphina. Love!  
  5. Tom Brady - The NFL star stays in shape for two jobs: Being a quarterback for the New England Patriots and being a father to two adorable sons (one with ex, Bridget Moynahan and one with wife, Gisele Bundchen). He has even said they're the "light of his life," and that his own dad set a great example for how he wants to be as a father, always at his games, always willing to take him to the park and throw the football around, and hit the baseball batting cages with him at night. Awww.
  6. Matthew McConaughey - Known for being dedicated to staying in shape, Matthew's also the daddy to 2-year-old Levi and 17-month old Vida. He recently told Men's Health, "[Fitness has] always been a lifestyle. Then it became something that was like, ‘Hey, it’s also good for my job.’ I’m not a professional athlete, but I have a job where I like to look good and be as healthy as possible."

Gotta love these Hollywood family men! (But of course, we adore our regular not-as-famous dads and hubbies just as much or more.)

Who's your favorite fit celebrity dad?


Image via London Ent/Splash News

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