Montel Williams Wants to Get You (Legally) High

montel williamsIf Montel Williams wants to sell me weed, so be it. The famous daytime talk show host isn't interested in talking to people about their problems anymore, but he'd still like to help them if they're in pain. He's opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento. The Abatin Wellness Cooperative (the name alone just gave me a contact high) is operational and in full compliance with the law.

Williams, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, has used medical marijuana to naturally alleviate his pain. He says that prescription drugs nearly killed his kidneys and found a medicinal joint to be a welcome pain reliever. His facility aims to provide safe access for patients who are prescribed to smoke pot. But what do you get when you eat marijuana?


A pot belly, silly! I'm hilarious. Anyway, Williams says his goal is to erase some of the stigma attached to medical marijuana. He told the Sacramento Bee that he finds the shame around prescription pot to be ridiculous:

It's absurd. I can go get morphine pumped into my system and nobody's got a problem. But all of a sudden they're really worried if I smoked a joint.

He went on to tell News 10 that:

We believe they're coming in here to be educated. They're coming in here so they can feel comfortable, so to make them feel comfortable we're going to be providing them with more information and more guidance than I believe any facility in this country is attempting to do.

Sounds like a plan to me. As long as everything is legal and safe, I don't have a problem with it. And apparently the facility is pretty swank, the Bee says it reminds them of a bank. I'm picturing a lot of marble and chrome, and a little puff of smoke here and there.

Williams stands to become a rich man in the medicinal Mary Jane biz, and it sounds like he might help a person or two in pain along the way. Is this the new American green dream?

What do you think of Montel Williams' Wellness Coop?

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