Pet Sheep Who Detected Breast Cancer Is Un-bah-lievable

An Alfie Look-alike
When Emma Turner's pet sheep, Alfie, started head-butting her in the chest, she was completely taken aback. It was totally out of character for her normally well-behaved and sweet Alfie, whom she had nursed through multiple illnesses since he was a young orphan, and who is a favorite among her farm visitors. The attack left Turner with deep bruises on her chest. While tending to her injuries, Turner discovered a small lump in her breast and decided to go to the hospital. It was there that it was determined Turner had breast cancer and would need a mastectomy.

Doctors and Turner agree that if Alfie hadn't head-butted her, she wouldn't have found the lump in her breast for a few more years -- by then, the cancer would have spread, and Turner might not have survived. Alfie saved her life.


Note to self: get all my female loved ones a pet sheep. I gotta say, I believe Alfie saved her life. Well, I guess that's not what the question is. It's 100 percent true that the bruises he caused led to her discovery of breast cancer. What I should say is that I believe Alfie detected the cancer and was trying to help his caregiver.

Why? Because I want to believe. I want to believe in anything that helps women detect and treat breast cancer before it's too late. If that means I buy into the fact that an animal can sense something evil beneath our surface and try to help us in any way they can, then so be it. I wish Emma the best as she goes through chemo and recovers, at home, with Alfie.

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Photo via DEMOSH/Flickr

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