Police Scold Woman for 'Exercising While Sexy'

bicycleI've heard my fair share of stupid laws. In Kentucky, it's illegal to transport an ice cream cone in your pocket. In Connecticut, it's against the law to insert a penny into your ear. And apparently in New York City, it's a crime to wear a skirt while riding a bike. Well, almost.

Jasmin Rijcken was stopped by a NYPD cop for flashing too much skin while riding her bicycle, saying that her long legs were disturbing for passing cars. The 31-year-old visiting Dutch tourist thought the man was joking at first, but then he got angry and asked for ID, she told the New York Daily News.

Wait a gosh darn second. This is coming out of the city where going topless is 100 percent legal?! Aren't we missing out on the bigger picture here? Rijcken was stopped for being physically fit AND attractive. Epic fail, New York City. Just epic.


Rijcken was visiting New York to attend the New Amsterdam Bike Show. Ironic: She was riding a bike there.

In my mind, she was just trying to squeeze in some activity while on vacation. Seriously, how many times have you told yourself you were going to exercise while on vacation -- and didn't get the chance? Thankfully, Jasmin didn't get a ticket during the incident, just a strict talking to.

The worst part? Afterward, she went back to her hotel room, ashamed, and put on pants. Talk about perpetuating the obesity in America stereotype, eh? Getting threatened when you're being active? No wonder why nearly one fourth of New York's population is obese.

Dare I say it, people who are active should be able to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. OK, so watching your neighbor run down the street in a thong and tank top isn't exactly a wonderful mental picture, I understand. But activity is something that should be encouraged, not discouraged. Our First Lady would want it that way!

Should 'exercising while sexy' be against the law?


Image via Wha'ppen/Flickr

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