Treat Your Dress Size Like Your Age & Keep It a Secret

measuring tape beltAs women, there are certain things we like to keep private. Just like our Social Security number and bank account credentials, our dress size isn't exactly public information.

French design company Ecal says we should bid good riddance to worrying about the size of our waistline. In fact, they've come up with a clever way to display your measurements, stylishly, with their concept for a measuring tape belt.

Wait, is this a joke?


Really, no amount of manipulation could get me to put a belt like this on. The killer? The concept for this belt places a center slot that displays exactly how big your waistline is. I suppose I could maybe, possibly get over the heinous look of this item if there was no way to really tell the sizing. But having my number front and center? No thank you. Not to mention, why do you want people staring down in the crotch direction, anyway?

I'm happy with my size, don't get me wrong. But the truth of the whole shebang is that it's awkward. I feel like it's a lose-lose situation. If you're too small, someone will say something. If you're too big -- and God knows the definition of "too big" changes on a person-by-person basis -- then someone's going to make a snide comment. Talking about size and shape in today's society has just gotten to be a bit taboo, and displaying it would most likely make both the wearer AND everyone around them uncomfortable.

Of course, there's a thought -- could displaying personal measurements or your weight in a public forum make stubborn dieters more likely to put forth a greater effort? Eh, it's questionable. I can't help but think that it would be more harmful than helpful. You need to be happy with yourself as a whole, no matter your numbers. If anything, I would think this would encourage compulsive behavior to change an undesirable number. And that makes a tough situation even worse.

I'm gonna hold off on wearing my weight around my waist, or displayed on a T-shirt, or anything else in my closet for now. My height is totally public information, though. Where's the accessory for that?

Would you wear a measuring tape belt? 


Image via Ecal

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