With Memoir, Jennifer Hudson Can't Share Her Weight Loss Success

jennifer hudsonJennifer Hudson might just possess one of most amazing weight loss success stories of any celeb in recent history. She's also extremely talented, likable, and our hearts go out to her for all that she's been through (several of her family members were murdered in 2008). So it's no wonder a publisher thinks the talented singer and actress also has the potential to be a best-selling author. Today, she officially announced that she's writing a memoir chronicling her weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, which will be released January 2012.

The book will reportedly contain not just JHud's personal story but also "advice on topics like weight loss and exercise." Hmm. Well, thank goodness for that! But even with a generous helping of 'service" (aka advice in media lingo), her book will fail many people hoping to lose weight.


Let me be clear. I'm not ripping JHud personally, and I think it's awesome that she's aiming to inspire others with her tale. Her voice in the already so-crowded-it's-polluted weight-loss media world is more than welcome. I just believe that a book like this can't do that much to help someone lose weight. 

The truth is that anyone can read all the diet and weight loss books under the sun and be "inspired" 'til the cows come home. But until you yourself commit to losing weight -- and for the RIGHT reasons -- you will not succeed. Contestants on The Biggest Loser say all the time that they used to be a couch potato who just watched others drop hundreds of pounds on primetime TV. They say Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Olivia Ward or whoever inspired the heck out of them to get up and make it happen for themselves. And that's great! But that's probably only going to be enough to get you up off the couch to do a set of crunches. Without solid, individualized motivation ("I don't want to get Type 2 Diabetes," "I want to control my PCOS, so I can have a baby," "I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again"), there will not be long-term success.

It's just the nature of weight loss -- it's a very personal beast. JHud had to go through her own journey to get to where she is now. Her personal incentive was getting healthy after the birth of her son. We all need to find what will drive us. It's not enough to can't model your experience, expectations, goals, or exact plan to a celebrity's. Even under the general umbrella of Weight Watchers, everyone's impetus and journey is going to be different.

In her effort to share her story and help others get healthy, hopefully, Hudson will encourage her readers to find not just inspiration -- but also personalization.

Do you think inspiration is enough, or do you agree that you definitely need personal incentives to lose weight? What are yours?


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