Progress on Breast Cancer Is Always Bittersweet for Some

Every day we hope and pray that there will be some progress in the fight against breast cancer, and every time there is, we all stand up and cheer. Even those of us who wish these advances had come just a little bit earlier.

There have been some advances in the fight against triple-negative breast cancer recently. Triple-negative breast cancer is fast growing and aggressive and affects more than 40,000 women each year. Now researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have identified a pool of 15 genes associated with it and they can create drugs that can target it in clinical trials.

It's one of the first true advances researchers have made in fighting this puzzling disease.


For those of us who are bracing to face breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, the news is welcome. Last year, I was gene tested to make sure that the gene my mother carried for her super-aggressive form of breast cancer, the one that killed her when she was 45, wasn't in my body as well.

I tested negative. The test was simple, but like anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer, my feelings about the disease aren't. Every time progress is made, a part of me feels so sad that it can no longer help my mother.

But as we move closer and closer to a cure for this evil disease that killed both my maternal grandmother and my mother, I am thrilled that we get closer to a time when my 4-year-old daughter might not have to go through what I went through.

My greatest hope is that these advances move us closer and closer to a time where she might never even know breast cancer like I knew breast cancer. It may be too late to save my mother, but for my daughter's sake, every little inch forward is a reason to celebrate.

Are you happy about this news?


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