Breast Cancer Figurine Celebrates Survivor Strength

There are not many figurines, especially those featuring fairies, that escape being labeled "cheesy." But the "Morning Star, The Hopeful" figurine released by Hamilton Collection is anything but. She celebrates those touched by breast cancer and also raises money to help in the fight against it.

The blonde fairy with pink wings was designed by artist Raoul Vitale and sits on a "diamond" from which she looks up hopefully. She is 3-3/4" tall and mostly pink, which is, of course, the color associated with breast cancer awareness.

The figurine also includes a unique breast cancer awareness ribbon, which has been used to promote awareness of the disease for years.


While typically a fairy figurine isn't high on the list of things I would buy, the fact is, breast cancer is something that touches many lives. Obviously, the survivors could gain strength and camaraderie from something like this. There aren't a lot of things that "celebrate" what they've been through. 

Surviving breast cancer or losing a very close loved one to the disease puts people in a unique club, and this figurine is something tangible that marks that. Though it may seem silly or not all that helpful, the fact is, breast cancer is a life changing occurrence.

Some people choose to mark it with a tattoo or something else to show what they've been through. To me, this figurine seems less invasive and the kind of gift I might give someone recovering from their surgery or their treatments to remind them that they're members of a strong and unique club of fighters.

Would you buy this for someone?


Image via Hamilton Collection

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