Baby Food Diet Fad Is the Fastest Way to Look Like an Idiot


baby food dietSome bizarre, moronic diets will never die. Even though it was proven unhealthy time and time again, Atkins lives on in various incarnations, like Kate Middleton's fave, The Dukan Diet, SlimFast is still around, and some dieters still  insist on consuming tiny, pre-portioned, processed garbage (cough Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, cough) to pare pounds. But one diet that galls me beyond any of these? The baby food diet, which is reportedly the brainchild of Tracy Anderson, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer. (Go figure.) It's rumored to be the current go-to slimming plan for stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Supposedly, Jen-sky lost seven pounds in a week by eating 14 pots of the stuff a day and a dinner that consisted of fish and steamed vegetables. WOW!

I know, your eyes may have just popped right out of your face upon reading that, and now you're currently pointing and clicking away from here to Google "best tasting baby food." You may have already purchased some and contributed to recent stats ("wet baby food" -- um, gross -- is up by 20 percent compared to last year). But hold it right there, sister!

Think about this for just a moment. Subsisting on baby food (which clocks in at a whole 100-150 calories per pot) is ridiculous. Sure, it's a way to restrict calories, but a grown woman NEEDS a certain amount of calories to just get through the day. Even babies don't survive only on baby food -- their diets are supplemented with breast milk or formula. And then, even if you're getting enough calories from the kiddie food, you're still not getting a feeling of satiety from chewing, enough calcium or other nutrients, or enough fiber. In fact, some women who have tried the diet say it leads to severe constipation. (Awesome, right? You know your body's really functioning optimally if you can't go to the bathroom... Sigh.)

In the end, it's really just a cockamamie "quick fix" gimmick. What happens when you start eating real food again? Have a beer at the beach in that bikini you baby food dieted your way into? Any trendy diet is going to land you back where you started faster than you can inhale a 100-calorie snack bag. 

I beg of you, ladies (and Lady Gaga!), put the brakes on fad dieting. It just pains me to see you getting taken for a ride. Whether we're buying into some BS marketing scheme or silly Hollywood trainer (note: not licensed nutritionist)'s idea of healthy, we're just hurting ourselves. We don't want to believe it, but there's no fast way to effectively lose weight and keep it off in the long-run. Nonetheless, that message doesn't seem to resonate with all women. (Hence the kajillion dollar weight-loss industry.) I can only hope that some day those who insist on shoveling baby food instead of choosing whole foods and exercise will grow up.

What do you think about the baby food diet?

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volsl... volslover7

I did this diet in high school and lost 20 lbs but diet and exercise is still the best way to lose wt!

sunny... sunnybunny5us

Baby food is high in nutrients per calorie and it's conveniently packaged . But a more appropriate diet gimmick to use that follows the same principle is maybe campbells soups every day. I'm sure it will work if you do it.

nonmember avatar mm

Eh, sounds pretty convienant to me. Pre-prepared steamed and peeled veggies and cooked meat in ready to eat packaging? So you did not prepare it yourself. So what?

Its also a hell of alot more healthy than a slimfast shake or diet pills. The people who are drawn to such dieting (outside of celebs) probably have been turning to conveinance foods anyway. Swap out the microwave burrito and pop tart for babyfood and they suddenly are eating far more healthy than before.

Also 14 jars + dinner seems like and extreme amount. At 100 cal a pop thats 1400 calories for just breakfast and lunch! Something does not add up with that.

Victoria Goins

it's better than some diets out there: as long as they don't find glass in the jars!! :)

Anna Mendiola

Baby food are for babies. Women eating this are causing prices to soar. Many mother's out there barely have enough money to feed their baby the right foods. Thanks to women with teeth but who want to eat baby food for the sake of their waist lines a real baby will be go hungry.

Hannah Walker

Um, I feel like this is bad researching. First of all you are supposed to cook and blend your own food (not eat pre-prepared and pasteurized jarred crap). Secondly there is also solid food in her diet plan so it isn't all pureed food. Now I don't follow this diet myself but I do have Tracy Andersons book and metamorphosis dvds so I know a lot about the diet and this article just is all wrong.

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