Lunar Eclipse Might Just Change Your Life

eclipseFlaked out on your New Year's resolutions this year? Not a problem! The stars are aligning this summer to make self-improvement a snap, no matter what sign you were born under. Over the next month, there'll be three eclipses: Two partial solar eclipses one month apart, and a total lunar eclipse smack dab in the middle. The astrological significance of this extremely rare sky show is a biggie: Solar eclipses are known for triggering dramatic changes on a global scale, like political revolutions and natural disasters; lunar eclipses are associated with personal change, particularly where women and family are concerned. Put it all together and what do you get? Whatever you want!


The times, they are a-changing -- whether you like it or not. So you might as well work that star power to your advantage and reinvent yourself. Go ahead and sign up for the bikram yoga class you've always wanted to try. End the stagnant relationship that's been draining your will to live for months. Renovate the kitchen. Dye your hair red. Overthrow the government! The solar eclipse on June 1st even coincides with the new moon, which is always the best time to start anew. And if you don't have a plan yet, don't worry ... emotions tend to hit their peak right around the time of the eclipse, so listen to your gut!

Unfortunately, none of the upcoming eclipses will be visible to American stargazers (if you have plans to travel to Asia, Australia, Africa or the North Pole you could be in luck!), which is really a shame, because they're incredibly cool to watch, but we'll still get the full cosmic effects.

What big changes will you make this summer?


Image via motjetom/Flickr

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