Kirstie Alley Is a Loser, But Only Thanks to 'Dancing With the Stars'

kirstie alley dancing with the starsKirstie Alley wants everyone to know that when she appears on the Dancing With the Stars finale, she'll do it in a dress that's significantly smaller than the one she wore on the season premiere. Yay for her. No, seriously, trimming down some 38 inches is a major accomplishment, and she should be proud of it. But at the same time, I worry that she's got a very unhealthy attitude about her weight loss.

Just check out this quote Kirstie gave last night ...

There will be some reveal of that at some point, but I really didn't care. As long as I kept changing and changing and changing, I really didn't care. It was like, keep whittling, whittling, whittling. And the other thing that's really more significant to me -- I mean, I love the whittling, I like being skinny -- I'm really strong and really agile and it gave me a new life.

Remember back when she lost all that weight on Jenny Craig and appeared on Oprah in a bikini? Well, you would have thought she'd learn her lesson by now!


It's not that I have a problem with celebrating weight loss. It is an important part of the journey, because if you don't acknowledge your accomplishment, you're bound to get stuck in the insecure mindset that you're still the person you were before you pared the pounds. Anyone who manages to get fit deserves a pat on the back.

But there's a fine line, I think, and Kirstie has definitely crossed it. When you've got paparazzi shooting your butt so tabloid journalists can analyze how much you're lying about what size you are, you've dug yourself a grave you'll have a helluva time crawling out of. Maybe Kirstie keeps blabbing about her weight to feed her ego or fame. For one thing, it's TACKY as all hell! And for another, it's just a disaster waiting to happen.

What happens when she inevitably packs on a couple of pounds? Not saying she'll gain it all back, but once DWTS is over, it's unlikely she'll be engaging in as much physical activity on a regular basis. (Unless she starts competing on the professional dance circuit -- ha.) That's bound to cause the scale to move at least slightly in reverse. Furthermore, if she hasn't really changed her eating habits while she's been on the show (all I've heard is that Maksim Chmerkovskiy had to scold her to eat more, ugh), she'll be doubly screwed.

In the end, we all kind of know that the 60-year-old actress is a lemur-loving whackjob, so it's not like we're taking what she says all that seriously. It also seems sort of pointless to expect her to behave rationally. But if she has any hopes of maintaining even a smidge of dignity, she'd do well to take all this skinny talk down a notch ... or 38 ...

Do you think it's a mistake for Kirstie to keep boasting about her weight loss?

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