Beat the Doomsday Blues With 21 Naughty Behaviors

cliff diving end of the worldHave you heard? The end of the world may occur in 24-ish hours! Yup, according to some guy named Harold Camping, tomorrow, May 21, is Judgment Day.

The first thing I thought of when I heard Doomsday was near was ... hmm, is it time for me to stop being so incredibly, almost painfully health-conscious?! Cuz seriously, who wants to spend their last 24 hours on earth worrying if they took all of their vitamins and ate kale with salmon for lunch? Psh, not me! I want to live it up, like Britney sang, "'til the world ends." 

Here are some thoughts on 21 unhealthy behaviors to indulge in before our time is up ...


1. "Experiment" with an illegal drug you've always been curious about.

2. Eat your favorite fast food. Order what you used to love as a kid (McNuggets -- who cares if they're made from pink slime?).

3. Drink your favorite cocktail. Hell, make it a pitcher of your favorite cocktail. (Margaritas for me! And make 'em with that high-cal, neon green mix. None of that Bethenny Frankel Skinny Girl BS!)

4. Soak up the rays (or better yet, hit the tanning bed!) SANS sunscreen!

5. Throw out your $*&!@-ing scale. It only serves to drive you psycho anyway.

6. Take a knife-throwing class.

7. Sleep with your makeup on.

8. Shoot it up at the gun range!

9. Ride on a motorcycle! Without a helmet!

10. Go off your meds. (Pfft. They're probably giving you 10,000 nasty side effects anyway.)

11. Skip your yoga/spinning/Zumba class. You rebel!

12. Order more than one of your favorite drinks at Starbucks. Barista, make that EXTRA whipped cream!!

13. If you're a vegetarian, eat a steak.

14. If you're a vegan, have a pizza. Yes, I mean with real mozzarella.

15. Get plastic surgery.

16. Sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite reality shows as long as you damn well please.

17. Have sex with one or more sexy stranger(s).

18. Buy a chocolate fountain and dip everything you eat in it.

19. Drive your car over the speed limit.

20. While wearing ear buds, blast your favorite music on your iPod as LOUD AS IT GOES!

21. Find a cliff overlooking some gorgeous blue water. Good. Now, dive off it!

What's an unhealthy behavior or activity you'd enjoy engaging in before the end of the world?


Image via Justin De La Ornellas/Flickr

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