Carrie Fisher Triumphs Over the Dark Side, Loses 30 Pounds

carrie fisher jenny craigI'm going to age myself here and say that I've been a fan of Carrie Fisher ever since she starred as Princess Leia in Star Wars. I emerged from my Disney princess-worshipping years to discover this bossy, smart-mouthed, non-blond action hero princess, my first feminist icon.

Later, when she became a writer I thought she was even cooler. Just a year or so ago she showed up on a 30 Rock episode, her same hilarious self but with an edge of bitterness (the misogyny of Hollywood, bla bla bla) and sure, a few extra pounds. But I didn't think much of it. I mean, an extra layer around an older woman can be hawt.

Next thing I know, she's working with Jenny Craig and announcing that she's lost 30 pounds! What to make of this?


Remember the bronze bikini in Return of the Jedi? She weighed 105 pounds before filming began and was still ordered to lose another 10 before the cameras started rolling. Fast forward to January of this year when she Googled herself and read this comment:

Whatever happened to Carrie Fisher? She used to be so hot -- but now she looks like Elton John.

Ouch! At her heaviest she weighed 180 pounds -- on her little 5'1 frame. In January she announced her goal to lose 30 pounds with Jenny Craig, and ta-da! She's just revealed that she has indeed lost those 30 pounds. Now she has a blog on Jenny Craig and a video. Check out her Wishful Shrinking posts (a pun on her book and film, Wishful Drinking) on her own personal blog, too.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about the concept of weight loss. I think Hollywood is too hard on women and I believe in loving yourself no matter what your shape. But I also know that a lot of health problems tend to come along with the plus-size package. Hello, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure -- what a fun lot you are. So I'm glad Carrie is making healthier choices and taking better care of herself. I hope she can keep up the new fit lifestyle! We want her to stick around a lot longer, right?

What do you think about Carrie Fisher losing weight with Jenny Craig?

Image via Jenny Craig.

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