Dad & Daughter Fight Breast Cancer Together

norman dianneWhen Dianne Cavender was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, her father, Norman Rogers, took her to each and every appointment with the breast surgeon and oncologist. Then in December 2008, Norman found a suspicious spot on his own breast. And it turned out to be breast cancer. Not unlike most men, Rogers was shocked that he could share this diagnosis with his daughter.

He told local news reporters, "Being a man, I didn't think I could get it." Isn't breast cancer a female disease, after all?

The story of Norman and Dianne is just one example of how that is not the case. Not by a long shot. In fact, the rate of breast cancer in men is rising: 1,800 men alone last year were diagnosed with the disease and up to 30 percent of them will have some kind of genetic cause.


Thankfully, Rogers sought treatment when he noticed that spot on his breast, but because his cancer was in a later stage, his treatment was more aggressive. This tends to occur when men believe they can't get breast cancer.

As unfortunate as it is to hear that Rogers has had to go through this, he hasn't had to do it alone. Being that Dianne has been through the same thing, they've been able to lean on one another in a major way. As Dianne shares, "He was my cheerleader and now I'm his cheerleader." How sweet is that?

Go, Norman and Dianne!

Did you know men could get breast cancer?


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