The Secret to Pippa Middleton's Perfect Bum Revealed

pippa middletonNow that most of the Royal Wedding buzz has died down, it's clear there's one person the world loves almost as much the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ... Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton! And much like J.Lo cornered the market on booty love in the late '90s, Pippa's bum is all the rage these days. It even has its own Facebook page. I'm sure that ever since April 29, there have been women scratching their heads, trying to figure out if that sweet tuchus can really be attributed to just genetics. Well, ladies, we finally have our answer, and it's a relieving NO.

Oh, sure, DNA has to play a role, but Pippa's gotta work hard for that tushy! The Daily Mail recently reported that Middleton attends Pilates classes at a small studio near her London apartment.


She says the exercise has helped improved her core stability and posture, which clearly helped her look absolutely stunning and poised on her sister's wedding day.

Specifically, she raved on the Pilates studio's site's testimonial page:

From breathing techniques, muscle toning to overall flexibility and relaxation, my Pilates sessions have become something of a weekly necessity that keeps me fit, happy, and energized.

She's also shared that she couples the exercise with regular cardio workouts including swimming, jogging, tennis, and skiing. Wow! It's such a relief to hear someone internationally admired for her fit, toned physique admitting that it takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape and tone that booty. It's also gotta be a lot more rewarding than attributing your sexy bum to a plastic surgeon.

Oh, but being proud of how you achieved your looks doesn't seem to stop some women, I guess. I say that because news of Pippa's Pilates regimen comes at the same time as British plastic surgeons reporting a 60 percent rise in "butt-lifting procedures" since the Royal Wedding! OMG! Women are actually going to doctors and asking for a derriere like Middleton's. Not just that, but they're willing to pay thousands of dollars for "The Pip Package Perfect Posterior." (Yes, that actually exists.)

Argghh! Ladies, really?? Well, as discouraging as that news is, maybe Pippa's "coming out" as a Pilates junkie will make some women think twice about slipping under the knife. Maybe they'll pick up a Pilates DVD or sign up for a class instead. If you really covet Pippa's booty, that route would probably be the most affordable, most rewarding, and hey, least painful option!

Are you happy to hear that Pippa's butt can be attributed to Pilates and other hard workouts? What do you think about the rise in butt-lifting procedures?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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