'Biggest Loser' Tries to Stir Up Sister Rivalry

olivia hannah biggest loserThis week, The Biggest Loser was all about the "Last Chance." Last chance workouts, sure, but ultimately, the last chance for the final four to win two of the guaranteed spots in the finale; the remaining two, well, they'll have to rely on a public vote over who should get the third one.

There was no doubt in my mind from the outset of this episode that I wanted to see sisters Olivia and Hannah as the final two, and Irene as the third place contestant. Jay irritates the hell out of me, because, just like his daughter, Jen, who left a few weeks back, he's never happy with his weight-loss. Always wishes it was a few pounds more, blah blah blah. Shut up and be happy you're on the second to last episode of the season, dude!


Anyway, the two-hour episode followed the remaining four as they took on a cooking challenge making turkey burgers for kiddos and a physical challenge called "Drop the Weight" that's become notorious from previous BL seasons. Jay may have won the turkey burger contest, but Hannah's win in the "Drop the Weight" race was truly memorable.

Each player had to carry a golf bag filled with weighted flags that represented the amount of weight they had lost at each weigh-in. They then had to drop a flag at each hole on the course that corresponded with that week until they had no extra weight left. Hannah said she just kept thinking about what Jillian told her about taking it one step at a time. She was so determined to finish something she started, and you could see she was putting her whole heart and soul into the experience. It's no wonder she finished first!

I was rooting for both Hannah and her sister Olivia every step of the way. Like Bob said to both of them while they were working out, they have so much heart, and they're so much stronger and confident than when they first came on the Ranch. It's just amazing to see their physical as well as emotional and mental transformations, and to know that they're sisters who have gone through the journey together is totally heart-warming. (Maybe it's because I'm really close with my younger sister that I totally get their relationship.)

And in the end, Hannah and Olivia cinched the top two spots. It was the first time sisters had gotten that result. WOOT!

Next week's the live finale, and some (cough Alison) may try to play up the fact that it'll be two sisters going head-to-head, but I really don't see it that way. There's not much competition between these two. Just a lot of love. And that's why one of them deserves to win, and why no matter what the outcome, they'll both be winners ... er, Biggest Losers!

Are you rooting for Hannah, Olivia, or both?


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