Coffee May Be Good for Us After All, Bottoms Up!

All you coffee drinkers trying to give up caffeine for health reasons may want to rethink quitting and actually up your intake after a recent study in Sweden. The study revealed that women who drink more than five cups a day may actually have a lower risk of breast cancer.

As someone whose risk is high because both my maternal grandmother and my mother died of the disease, I am more than happy to hear this news, though with only one cup per day, I better up my intake ASAP!

Actually, doctors are warning people to take this news with a grain of salt (and a coffee bean). After all, the study didn't prove that coffee itself prevents cancer, only that women who drink a lot of it are at lower risk.


Study author Dr. Per Hal, professor of medical epidemiology and biostatistics at the institute, told HealthDay:

Before I would go to tell my neighbors to start drinking more coffee than they already do, I would like to know what is the biological mechanism at work here. And that's not yet clear.

So, for those of us (like me) who plan to take this study to heart ASAP, there is some caution. But since I'm feeling tired, I figure why not just test it for myself!

Bottoms up!

Will you drink more coffee now?

Image via dyobmit/Flickr

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