3 Ways New McDonald's Terminals Will Make Us Fat

 mcdonald'sThe future of fast food is upon us, and McDonald's is on the cutting edge.

Today's big news: Nearly 1,200 McDonald's franchises in the UK will test out new touchscreen terminals that customers can use to place and pay for their orders. You know what that means, right? Everyone's favorite phrase -- "Would you like fries with that?" -- may soon be no more. The horror!!

The terminals, which will accept credit card payment only, could potentially replace cashiers, ridding jobs as well as the use of cash from the entire ordering process.

Sure, the techie inside of me is a little jealous of the advanced touchscreens across the pond. But the truth of the matter is, these terminals are actually a horrific idea. Easy ordering means easier access. And of course, easier access means fatter waistlines. Hence, I present to you the three ways McD's new terminals will make us all fat.


It's just too easy: OK, so some people are just slow when it comes to up-and-coming technology. But for the everyday hipster, touchscreens will make fast food FASTER. Let me present you with an easy equation: Quicker service + the perfect way for us all to literally grab on the go = eating at McDonald's more often = AHHHH kids everywhere are huge! Sure, you may be able to make smart choices the first few times. But you can't avoid those fries forever, my friends.

No more accountability: Facing an actual McDonald’s employee, I’d like to think I make healthier decisions. It doesn't matter if the man or woman behind the counter is in the best shape. It's the simple fact that you're admitting your generally unhealthy eating decisions. Call me self-conscious, but actually saying, "I'll have a 20-piece McNugget, an Oreo McFlurry, and a large milkshake" is scary. But "telling" a little screen? And then having someone deliver your items in the secrecy of a white paper bag? It's so easy! So not intimidating and sneaky! And an absolute dream for anyone too scared to check themselves into Overeaters Anonymous.

Say hello to price denial: Since the new terminals don't take cash, it's much easier to forget sticker shock. Really, you can go to lunch and keep the $10 in your wallet (I swear)! It's much easier to deny how much you’re spending when swiping your card, nevertheless the amount of items you’re buying at once. A large No. 6 is $9.58? Whatever. I'll take two! Say goodbye to those size 4 jeans, and heelllloooo to higher cholesterol.

What do you think of McDonald's trial of touchscreen ordering?

Image via Messercn/Flickr

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