Let's Move or Let's Eat Gigantor Burgers? I'm Confused

burgerIs it just me or is this country sending some seriously mixed messages about food? One minute the news is all about Let's Move! and banning chocolate milk in cafeterias ... the next it's about Nabisco's new Triple Decker Oreo, a three-layer version of the original cookie set to debut this summer (vanilla AND chocolate cream!), and the Heart Attack Grill's Quadruple Bypass Burger, a four-patty affair weighing in at two pounds, cooked.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I feel like there's some gut-busting brainwashing going on that has nothing to do with our diets and everything to do with our bank accounts. Even though we're more nutritionally well-informed than ever, we're fatter as a nation now than we were in the 1950s when Wonder Bread and meatloaf were all the rage.

Why? Because there's a lot more money to be made from stuffing us silly and selling us skinny than there is from just leaving us alone and letting us eat what we want to, that's why.


And don't tell me Big Brother the government really gives a flying fudge about my arteries. They can sing all the anti-obesity songs they want, but knowing the feds were paid off by the dairy industry to bump up the amount of cheese in Domino's Pizza makes their get-healthy gimmick pretty hard to swallow.

Meanwhile, recession or not, the diet industry is booming and still more money is being thrown away on useless measures like the cameras being installed in a San Antonio school's cafeteria that will record what kids buy for lunch and monitor their calorie consumption. It's like the collective American brain is so overloaded with food "facts" that our common sense circuits have blown a fuse.

Do you think we've lost all culinary common sense?


Image via rob_rob2001/Flickr

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