Jenny Craig Spokesperson Gives Weird Fitness Advice

sara rue weddingJust like any good bride, actress Sara Rue, best known for her latest stint hosting Shedding for the Wedding, is a stickler for preparation. She has her wedding gown pressed and hung, her bridesmaid dresses squared away, and after losing more than 50 pounds on Jenny Craig, she's truly ready and rearing for the fun to begin.

But there's just one thing that doesn't sit right with me. The 32-year-old recently told People that she, like Julia Roberts circa Runaway Bride, plans on running on her wedding day. Loads of hours planning and thousands of dollars later, and she's going to run? And she's admitting this to the media?!


My [wedding day] plan is to go on a run on the beach in the morning. That way, I won't feel guilty about eating a million pieces of wedding cake ... which is my plan for later in the day.

OK. So she means the exercise sort of run. But seriously Sara? Give me a break.

First things first: I understand Sar's looking fab. As an avid runner myself, I also understand how good it is to go on a nice, relaxing run by the water. But really?! On your wedding day!? I would think that the time spent running would be time I would ideally spend with family and friends getting ready for one of the biggest days of my life.

And even MORE importantly, doesn't the actress understand that "dirty" hair is the best hair for styling, and sleeping on it one night prior to any big event is the key to a successful hairdo?! Sweaty locks = A tad too dirty for styling. Come ON woman!

I can't help but think that this is what Rue thinks she is supposed to say. Of course being a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig means Rue is a figurehead for their brand. But it's important to remember that this is her wedding day, not the setting for another Jenny commercial. Is she now under the mentality that she has something to prove left to the public? I sure hope not.

Either way, I encourage the ginger to pick a different way to de-stress before the nuptials. How about some meditation? Or perhaps a nice mani/pedi? You've worked hard enough already (and look fantastic!). There's no need to worry about exercising "enough" to enjoy your wedding day. You've earned that cake, girl.

Do you exercise before a big event? Would you run on your wedding day?

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