Should You Get Buzzed Before Getting Drilled?


I enjoy a cocktail. Or three. It's how I socialize with friends or wind down after a crazy day (which is pretty much every day). But it seems like lately booze is getting a bad rap -- as in, hey, you've got to [fill in crappy task here], why not make it tolerable by throwing one back?

There's apparently a Texas dentist who serves up cocktails in his waiting room so his patients can relax before their cleanings. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned nitrous? Or, you know, just sucking it up?

Not to get all Jack Palance, but it seems like we're becoming a bunch of wusses. Not every unpleasant situation has to be made more pleasant. Going to the dentist sucks. So does going to the DMV and getting your oil changed and grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving. Does that mean shopping carts should be equipped with beer taps? Don't answer that, husband.

Some companies have taken a page from Mad Men and allowed employees to drink at work, several mom-geared wine labels (i.e. MommyJuice) are now available, and I was once offered Champagne at a car dealership. Anyone who has bought a car knows this activity ranks up there with cleaning out the bathtub drain. But neither is something I want to do buzzed.

The Real Housewives shouldn't be our role models when it comes to when we should and shouldn't imbibe, as for most of us, completing a really hard Zumba class isn't cause for a mojito every day.

Pools, sporting events, in front of my television watching a My So-Called Life marathon -- these are places where I want to sip on an adult beverage.

The dentist? Eh. I'll stick with mouthwash.

Would a glass of wine make those unpleasant activities more pleasant for you?

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meatb... meatball77

Does the dentist like being vomited on?

Amy Rose Reyes

Wine does make unpleasant things like parenting a bit more bearable.

nonmember avatar Ondine

I can't imagine anyone truly believing that "not every unpleasant situation has to be made more pleasant." Why the neck not? I believe in freedom, the freedom to avoid unpleasantness whenever possible. It is a choice we can make and people shouldn't be denegrated or denied an opportunity for pain relief, no matter how insignificant the pain or discomfort or even inconvenience is perceived by others. Go ahead and get drilled w/out novacaine if you like. As for me, I'll take a stiff drink, nitrous oxide, novacaine, enjoyable music on the headphones and aromatic therapies each and every time they are offered to me (and if not offered I will request them). My dentist also provides fresh baked cookies to good patients who might enjoy a comfort of that nature but that is one I choose to go w/out. It's all about our individual choices. But please don't deny me mine and those wise enough to offer comfort options even if for a price.

BayNo... BayNoelle

Since alcohol thins the blood, having a drink before going to the dentist is not a good idea. There's a reason they tell you not to drink before getting a tattoo...thin blood means it takes longer to clot. While you may not bleed significantly at the dentist, I know if I were bleeding from a tooth extraction or even the painful flossing they do there, I would want the bleeding to stop quickly.

No9Dream No9Dream

would most likely make my dentist visits easier lol


britt6 britt6

I totally agree. I personally try all options before resorting to alcohol to calm my nerves. Whatever happened to women who have "hobbies?" Even having sex has proven to calm nerves. Some women try baking,others try art.....*GASP*......some even read. Truth be told alcohol is a toxin anyhow and there are better ways of calming your nerves anyways. If you feel that you NEED to have it to calm your nerves than you have an even larger issue on your hands.

Rachel Dailey

Sure, why not? I have been in chronic pain, for the past 6 years..., and I believe- to avoid pain, why not? The less pain, the better; otherwise/do we wish for pain?? Anything, that truly hurts- I'm all for finding a way to make it less.

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