Should You Get Buzzed Before Getting Drilled?

I enjoy a cocktail. Or three. It's how I socialize with friends or wind down after a crazy day (which is pretty much every day). But it seems like lately booze is getting a bad rap -- as in, hey, you've got to [fill in crappy task here], why not make it tolerable by throwing one back?

There's apparently a Texas dentist who serves up cocktails in his waiting room so his patients can relax before their cleanings. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned nitrous? Or, you know, just sucking it up?


Not to get all Jack Palance, but it seems like we're becoming a bunch of wusses. Not every unpleasant situation has to be made more pleasant. Going to the dentist sucks. So does going to the DMV and getting your oil changed and grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving. Does that mean shopping carts should be equipped with beer taps? Don't answer that, husband.

Some companies have taken a page from Mad Men and allowed employees to drink at work, several mom-geared wine labels (i.e. MommyJuice) are now available, and I was once offered Champagne at a car dealership. Anyone who has bought a car knows this activity ranks up there with cleaning out the bathtub drain. But neither is something I want to do buzzed.

The Real Housewives shouldn't be our role models when it comes to when we should and shouldn't imbibe, as for most of us, completing a really hard Zumba class isn't cause for a mojito every day.

Pools, sporting events, in front of my television watching a My So-Called Life marathon -- these are places where I want to sip on an adult beverage.

The dentist? Eh. I'll stick with mouthwash.

Would a glass of wine make those unpleasant activities more pleasant for you?

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