'Biggest Loser' Reveals the Lucky Final Four!

biggest loser couplesThis week, The Biggest Loser: Couples returned with the final five contestants on a two-hour show. Considering final exams generally take a lot of time, it was probably for the best. Really, there's no way that the producers could have fit a super-dramatic weigh-in, two challenges, and five "exams" in an hour's time.

You thought final exams were only in college right? Wrong. On last night's episode, contestants had finals with each of the trainers, competing for a $10,000 prize and a spot in the final four. The exams were spinning with Bob, health and wellness with Brett, boxing with Cara, motivation with Jillian, and a bonus Wii challenge with Allison.

Olivia won the finals challenge, and the $10,000. And at the final weigh-in, she's offered one pound in exchange for her $10,000 winnings. The question: Is one pound actually worth $10,000?


For Olivia, the answer is no. She tells the trainers and Allison that she worked really hard to win that $10,000 and that she was given that money for a reason. With it, she wants to go on a vacation with her husband and get a fresh start.

I mean, I get it. I understand her logic. This week, we watched as each of the remaining five contestants pushed their absolute hardest. We saw medicine ball after medicine ball slammed against the wall. We watched sweat drip like bullets and Jay fall off a stair climber. We listened to the grunts of the tired contestants, overworked shadows of their former selves as they moved sandbag after sandbag in a challenge. But most enlightening, we got a real feel for the wealth of knowledge they learned about health, eating, and fitness when speaking to the trainers about their journeys during the final exams. Through it all, it's more than clear that Olivia has grown as a person through this experience. And well, that person wanted a va-ca-tion.

Would I have taken the money? Not a chance in hell. Being THE biggest loser, at this point in the game, and solidifying a spot in the final four is just too valuable to risk. Kudos to her for being confident enough to run with it though, and even more so for losing 5 pounds after 19 weeks of the program. In fact, all of the contestants dropped unreal numbers this week. Seeing an astounding NINE pounds for Jay almost gave me a slight heart palpitation.

That is, except Austin. After losing only one pound, Austin and Hannah were below the yellow line. Of course, Olivia wouldn't vote off her sister, and the remaining contestants sent Austin packing. So now, that leaves the final four: Olivia, Hannah, Jay, and Irene. With three women left in the game, I can't help but wonder: Could it be an all women's finale?

What do you think of Olivia's decision to take the money? Who's your pick to win it all?

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