25 Worse Things Than Getting a Mammogram

pink white cupckaesI turned 40 last year and for my birthday, my doctor gave me an order for my first mammogram -- how sweet! That was in November. Six months later I finally made the appointment, and I have to admit I waited so long because I was afraid. Afraid of intense pain.

Well, I'm happy to report that I survived not only my first mammogram, but also an 1.5-hour recheck (part mammogram; part ultrasound) on my right breast, and everything is A-OK. Even better, it really wasn't that bad at all. It's not the most fun I've ever had on a sunny spring afternoon by a long shot; however, the pain and discomfort were far, far less than I anticipated. In fact, I can think of at least 25 things that are worse than getting a mammogram.


25 Worse Things Than Getting a Mammogram

1. Stubbing your toe.

2. Craving chocolate when there is none.

3. Getting a filling.

4. Getting a root canal.

5. Going about an entire day with a giant pimple on your nose.

6. Getting a charley horse in your calf.

7. Breastfeeding for the first week or two.

8. Having the stomach flu.

9. Getting a pap smear.

10. Running a mile when you haven't run in awhile.

11. Getting tangerine juice in a cut.

12. Hearing your child say "I hate you" the first time.

13. Getting headbutted by your toddler.

14. Being turned down for the promotion.

15. Enduring prolonged nausea.

16. Riding out the common cold.

17. Plucking your eyebrows.

18. Surviving aerosinusitis.

19. Getting food poisoning.

20. Wearing clothes when you have a really bad sunburn.

21. Staying still and quiet through a bikini wax.

22. Making your way through the block of fat-free cheese you accidentally bought.

23. Getting your ears pierced.

24. Giving birth (obviously).

25. Breast cancer (obviously).

Seriously, ladies. Don't let fear stand in the way of breast health. You are strong, and you can totally handle it. If you feel any abnormalities or changes in or around your breasts or it's simply time for your routine mammogram, make your appointment today.

Have you had a mammogram before? What was your experience?


Image via khrawlings/Flickr

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