Airline Tells Breast Cancer Patient She Can't Fly

Despite a doctor's note declaring her fit to fly, a Stage IV breast cancer patient wasn't allowed on a Korean Airlines flight from Seattle to South Korea because she looked too "frail to fly."

Crystal Kim had approval from two doctors and a note clearing her to fly, according to KING5-TV, but the airline nixed the idea, saying they thought Kim might not be up for the long flight. And even though the airline got her a hotel, an airline spokesperson said other passengers would be "traumatized" if a passenger were to die in flight and called the situation unfortunate.

So, since when did airlines get to decide who flies and who doesn't and basically ignore the wishes of doctors?  


I am sure the comments will say flying is a privilege, not a right. And that is true. Except in times like these.

This woman wanted to get to South Korea with her daughter, with whom she was traveling. She even went the extra mile and got the approval from her doctors, TWO at that! Even Delta Airlines offered to fly her to her destination when Korean said no. So where does that leave Korean?

Well, without my business for sure! How on Earth they can make the determination as to whether someone might "die in flight" is beyond me. And if I ever happen to need to fly to South Korea, I will happily take Delta.

Do you find this as awful as I do?


Image via smemon87/Flickr

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