What Good Is Thin If You Can't See It?

obesityAdmittedly, I fear fat. I may even be a bit fat phobic, and I can't imagine a life in which I had to face all the challenges someone who is significantly overweight must face. I work every day to eat right and workout so I don't pack on the pounds I dread, but I know there are worse things than being fat . Shockingly, not everyone agrees. 

A recent study of women found that one out of six women would choose to be blind rather than to be fat. We're talking about never being able to see their family's faces, never seeing a sunrise, and never looking into the mirror again. Yet they say they would choose to give all that up if they had to choose between sight and fat. Wow, and I thought I had issues with my weight.


On one hand I understand a teeny little bit, because being overweight takes such a toll on your health and can limit life in ways other than blindness. And yes, plenty of blind people live full and wonderful lives, but I would venture to guess most of them would give most anything to regain their sight. Weight can be lost, but sight, usually can't be regained.

And it's your sight!

If we're being honest, isn't  one of the best parts of being thin being able to SEE how you look in cute clothes, bikinis and in the buff? If you can't see the results of your hard work, well ... sure there's your health, but still. The mirror is a major motivator when it comes to why we want to be thin ... if we're being totally honest.

Others in the study said they'd choose depression or herpes over being fat.  Since there are meds to treat herpes, and there's currently no pill to cure fat (that really works anyway), there may be a case to be made there; but to choose to be miserable and thin is just kind of messed up. The whole study is kind of depressing when it comes to what we value. Fortunately, few (if any) of us will ever be asked to make these choices.

What about you -- would you rather be blind or fat?

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