Is Ditching Your Smartphone the Secret to Losing Weight?

smartphoneWhat if all you had to do to lose the baby weight was lose your smartphone? Turns out the  endless multitasking you suspect is making you scatterbrained could be derailing your diet, too. Constantly shifting gears -- checking messages while packing lunches, returning emails while making dentist appointments, calling your boss while sorting the laundry -- can both burn out the part of your brain responsible for self-control and make you more likely to engage in "distracted" eating (e.g., that handle of goldfish you scarfed while you were packing lunches/checking messages).



I like the easy-peasy trade-off premise: Give up multitasking, get skinny! But the truth is, if moms stopped doing 20 things at a time, the world would pretty much come grinding to a halt. Moms were multitasking centuries before multitasking was a word. Thousands of years prior to the invention of smartphones, mothers with babies strapped to their backs were cleaning buffalo hides with one hand and stirring a simmering pot of ... more buffalo, I guess, with the other. Somehow I doubt those primitive mamas were stressing about how to stay slim.

So maybe it's not multitasking that's packing on the pounds, per se, but the fact that modern-day multitasking revolves around mostly sedentary tasks. Luckily ... there's an app to combat that! Actually there are a bunch of apps designed for reminding busy ladies to squeeze in a quick set of lunges here, a speedy stretching session there. On second thought, better hang on to that smartphone after all.

Is multitasking making you fat?

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