Don't Blame Leggings for Your Largeness

leggingsLindsay Lohan can rest easy -- leggings do not make you fat. I know you're probably wondering who would believe such a thing in the first place, but people go to pretty extreme lengths to find excuses for their faults, and recently leggings have been in the crosshairs.

A story earlier this week in the Daily Mail claims wearing the comfy pants can cause muscles to get lazy and result in "flabby stomachs" and "wobbly legs." That's it! cried millions of women around the world (or so I imagine). Physiotherapist Sandy Margo told the paper:


Leggings feel good and look great and I am as addicted to them as anyone, but there is a downside.They hold in and support the quadriceps (thigh muscles), buttocks, and core muscles in your tummy, and do the job the muscles are supposed to do. As a result, the muscles are allowed to relax and switch off, so when we reveal our bodies for the first time as summer approaches, they are not as svelte or firm as they otherwise would be.

Let the leggings-torching parties begin! Not so fast, say other (more sane?) experts. Dr. Janet Klauer told MSN:

That's ridiculous. There's nothing in leggings that would cause any change to occur within the muscle or the fat of the leg. If your stomach and legs are flabby, it's because you're eating too much or not exercising enough. Leggings don't affect your legs positively or negatively -- they're neutral.

Damn, another excuse out the window. Honestly we should have known this first expert blasting leggings was off when she said leggings "look great." They really don't, unless you're a 6-foot-plus-tall supermodel or know how to cover your rear appropriately ... which too many don't.

If leggings pose any weight danger, I suppose it's in letting you get too comfortable and not feel the pinching bind of your jeans' waist band cutting into your muffin top. Of course, there are always jeggings ...

Are you more surprised to learn that leggings can't make you get flabby or that some people actually think it's true?

Image via funkdooby/Flickr

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