Matthew Morrison Abs Secret Is Crazy But Tempting

matthew morrison sweet potatoe dietRecently Glee star Matthew Morrison revealed his big secret for the six-pack abs he rocked on Details magazine a few months ago. Mr. Schue told The Daily Mirror that it was spuds and nothing else for three days:

I had to have a sick-pack on show. My trainer said eat nothing apart from sweet potato and very little water. The potato acts as a sponge and your body literally shrinks and gets ripped tight. Afterwards I ordered two pizzas and pasta!

OK, I may not be getting paid to train anyone, and I'm certainly not a registered dietitian. But tell me what person in their right mind would get paid to advise someone to eat ONLY sweet potatoes and limit your fluid consumption? And perhaps the bigger question: Does the sweet potato diet really work?


First things first: Anyone who only eats sweet potatoes for three days will be, in most situations, consuming MANY less calories than they should be. Of course Matty looks good on the magazine cover! Considering the average sweet potato (with nothing added) is only 54 calories. The spuds are also high in fiber so they make your feel fuller faster, without stuffing your face. You know what that means? Matty could have ingested 10 of them a day for 540 calories, be very full, and look this good. So far, it looks like the tots are pretty A-OK, right?

But alas, there are some cons. Even if you were to pick up a sweet potato diet of sorts, there's no way you'll see Matthew Morrison ripped results unless you're already in fantastic shape. Those abs did NOT just show up over the three-day period. The potatoes realistically, while yummy, will get old after a while. Especially since I doubt his sweet potatoes came with all the fixin's that make them taste 100 percent yummier, like butter, salt, sour cream, or cheddar cheese. AND your body is totally going to be lacking a ton of other important, neglected nutrients not found in your sweet spuds. AKA, this isn't a viable way to lose weight or get fit over a long period of time.

If you want to incorporate some sweet potatoes into your diet, then go ahead! Like I said, they're low-calorie and full of fiber. Not to mention, the antioxidant effect that sweet potatoes have aids in lowering your cholesterol levels, too. The Food and Drug Administration also suggests adding in some protein and even the dreaded carb too for a balanced diet. A diverse intake of nutrients and foods, while keeping your portions in control, is a much safer, healthier way to get into shape than sticking solely to the sweet totters.

As for Matty, at least he went back to eating normally after this magazine shoot. I even saw him last week, in person, with a panini!  And now, I'm now oddly craving sweet potatoes. Except I'm pretty sure mine's going to have butter, salt, pepper, and a little sour cream, too.

Would you eat nothing but sweet potatoes in an attempt to lose weight or tone up?

Image via Details

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