Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With British Accent (VIDEO)

union jackIn what could be the most amazing thing ever to happen on planet Earth, an Oregon woman woke up from oral surgery recently with a British accent. Crikey, right?

When Karen Butler came out of surgery a year and a half ago, her mouth was swollen and she had a thick and foreign accent when she spoke. "I sounded like I was from Transylvania," she said.

Over the next few days, the swelling disappeared, but Butler's newfound accent did not. Though it's since softened, her words have yet to return to how they were before. Now, everyone thinks she's British.

Um, not to diminish the fact that something went awry with Karen during surgery, but I kind of wouldn't mind this.


Everything else about her is fine -- she's had the brain scans to prove it. And doctors were finally able to diagnose her ailment. It's called foreign accent syndrome, a disorder typically caused by a stroke, and so rare that only about 60 cases have been reported worldwide since the early 1900s.

Admit it -- you love accents. Who doesn't?! I challenge someone to find another human being who's never tried a British accent before. "'Ello Govna'!" Go on, do it. It just feels so right.

Sure, it would be a big shock and a big change to wake up not speaking like you used to, but on the scale of good to bad things, this one definitely tips toward the good. And Karen agrees. The formerly shy woman noted:

Before I was just an ordinary person. Now everybody is intrigued. They want to know where you're from. So I've learned in the last year that it's OK to be social. I like it actually.

And she got a British one -- of all the accents! It's the creme de la creme of the accent world. I wonder if her husband and children feel like they have to act more proper around her now? I wonder if she felt stronger ties to the Royal Wedding? I wonder if she'll ever go to England (she's never been)?!

Part of me feels bad for Karen because something went wrong -- even though she seems to be handling it totally well. And the other part of me? Kinda jealous.

Check out the video:

What do you think of this crazy story?


Image via jayneandd/Flickr

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