'Biggest Loser' Ain't Over 'Til the Formerly Fat Lady Sings (VIDEO)

olivia biggest loserLast night's Biggest Loser was Makeover Week, which is supposedly "everyone's favorite" episode, because we get to see the contestants we've grown to love bust out of their old, humdrum looks, as they get polished and prettied up by Tim Gunn and L.A. stylists. Because everyone needs blond highlights after losing nearly 100 pounds, duh. Admittedly, everyone did look fab, but one contestant in particular stood out to me ... and that would be Olivia.

Olivia is my favorite this season, and I'm so happy to see her still standing. I love that she's doing this not just for herself, but because she wants to start a family with her husband. It's such a genuine, heart-warming reason that so many women can or should relate to. (How many people struggle with fertility because of obesity ... PCOS ... hypothyroidism, etc.?)


Beyond that, I love that she seems totally down-to-earth and has a great head on her shoulders. I love her will and belief in herself, which has proven to only grow stronger as she's dropped weight and stayed week after week on the show. 

Well, Olivia's survival on the show provided the remaining contestants, trainers, and Alison with a real treat this week. She promised everyone that once she lost 100 pounds, she would sing on the scale ...

See, Olivia's an opera singer. Wow! It's not every day you get a real live stage entertainer cast on The Biggest Loser, right? So yeah, she only had a pound to lose in order to hit her 100 lost mark, and she actually lost FOUR. Woot! (You can totally tell those pounds just seem to be falling off of her, because she's so focused, determined, in such a great place mentally. She looks lean!)

And after Tim Gunn miraculously "appeared" (via video) to tell everyone that no one was going home this week -- treat #1! -- Olivia belted out a song that she said is generally sung by a young, beautiful opera character she has always aspired to be cast as. (It seems that because of her weight, she has always been cast as an older woman ... a mother ... a grandmother, etc.) Olivia's sister Hannah was practically bawling, Bob said she sings like "an angel" and admitted he got choked up as he was so moved, and everyone else stood there with such respectful, stunned looks on their faces. I wonder if Olivia has ever sung like that while on campus?? It was absolutely breathtaking!

If you missed it, here's the clip of Olivia's performance -- most definitely one of the most memorable in all of Biggest Loser weigh-in history.


Were you also blown away by Olivia's performance?


Image via NBC

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