Jordin Sparks Fibs About Dieting, but Her Bikini Bod Doesn't Lie

Jordin SparksFormer American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks is looking hot these days. She's shaped up, slimmed down, and is justifiably proud of the hard work she's done, even tweeting this pic of herself in an itsy bitsy polka dot bikini recently.

Along with the picture she wrote, "I don't know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles. :)" She's always been lovely, but that's a pretty dramatic change from the self-proclaimed virgin we saw on AI. Reports say she's lost about 30 pounds.

So good for her for flaunting it, because she's definitely got it now. It would be nice, however, if she was honest about HOW she got it.


Sparks said she was inspired by Halle Berry and wants to look as good as Berry does when she's her age. She told Us Weekly:

Something just clicked with me, and instead of sitting around talking about it I said, 'I'm going to go hike that mountain!' I've been hiking and I've done a couple of runs. I also do Zumba. It's so much fun!

Good for her, but what's she eating? She claims she hasn't dieted and even boasted to People about baking up coconut rum raisin cupcakes. No offense Jord, but I HATE women like you.

We all know exercise alone can't get deliver weight loss results that dramatic in most cases. Countless studies have shown that while exercise is beneficial, it alone can't deliver large weight loss -- you have to reduce what you eat too. So why do some women refuse to admit they diet?

They'll boast all day about the miles they run, and the yoga classes they attend, and brag about how sore they are from their Body Pump class, but there are some women who seem to think they get points for weight loss without a diet. For the record -- they don't. There's no harm in admitting you need to eat a little less to lose weight; in fact, good for anyone strong enough to get it.

I suppose there's also the possibility that she's playing semantics games, and by "no dieting," she means she just makes healthier choices, blah, blah, blah. Call it what you will, but  that's still dieting in my book.

In any case, whatever she's doing is working, so she should keep it up. It would just be nice if she shared her real secret with the rest of us.

Do you think it's possible Jordin Sparks lost all this weight without dieting? Do you admit it when you diet?

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