Did the Dreaded Double Mastectomy Decision Just Get Easier?

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Our breasts are so much a part of what makes us feel whole as a woman and a mother. Having to sacrifice one to a deadly disease is both difficult and devastating -- but not nearly as much as being asked to voluntarily sacrifice a healthy one. That's a decision that many high-risk women have to face all the time.

Can you even imagine how a decision like that must weigh on your brain? How you may make a decision never knowing if you could have just left the breast intact and all would have been fine?

But here's a little, dare I say it, encouraging news. Breast cancer patients who sacrificed their healthy breast rarely regret that decision years later. This is amazing news, because hopefully it will inspire and inform others who are currently facing this dilemma right now.


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota questioned hundreds of women who made the decision to get a double mastectomy, when the cancer was only in one breast, and 20 years after their surgery, 97 percent said they would do it again in a heartbeat!

Especially with today's improved breast reconstruction techniques, I personally think it's a good idea. Why take on the burden of worrying about your other breast as the years go by? It's not how our tatas look that matters, it's that we live healthy, long, happy lives!

How do you feel about sacrificing both breasts?


Image via audrejm529/Flickr

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