Prayer (And Celery) Can Save You

prayer can save nun stuck in elevatorIn fact, I believe I will add those two things to my earthquake preparedness kit right now, after seeing how a nun in Baltimore got through a tough four days being stuck in an elevator. Sister Margaret Geary, an 85-year-old nun, found herself stuck inside the convent elevator, unluckily, when the rest of the nuns were at a convention. On her own, Geary managed to survive in a space (not my words, but I wish they were) "not much bigger than a confession booth."

What saw Geary through? Prayer (duh), celery sticks, and water.


Even though I'm not religious, I can totally see how prayer helped that nun out of a difficult spot. In fact, we all should take a note regardless of our spiritual status. Meditation has been shown to have health benefits, and what is prayer if not focused meditation? I know the only way I would have lasted that long in an enclosed space is if I worked on my breathing and chilled out via meditation.

Of course, the sister also had water with her, which is, indeed, a blessing. Also, let's thank god for celery since it has so much more water than other snack foods that nun could have been hoarding in her habit. Really, it was the perfect storm of survival for Sister Margaret Geary, who was discovered alive, if not incredibly uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, this scare caused the 85-year-old to start taking the stairs. Where she promptly fell and broke her kneecap. Where was God then, still in the elevator?

Do you believe prayer can help you through ordeals such as this?


Image via kevin dooley/Flickr

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