Implants & Breast Cancer: The Good & Bad News

A recent study has given women with breast implants a bit of good news... and a bit of bad.

The good news is that people with breast implants aren't more likely to die of cancer than women without them. The bad news is that women who have breast implants are more likely to have breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes and it's harder to detect on a mammogram.

Study author Dr. Jessica A. Rayhanabad, a fellow in the breast surgery division at USC's Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, told Business Week:

We found that the women in the augmented group had more palpable tumors and were more likely to have lymph node-positive disease. However, these findings did not translate to a significant difference in survival rates between the two groups.


Whew! This news is ultimately good, but it does make one thing clear. For those ladies out there who do have implants: it's extra vital that you check, check, and re-check your breasts.

If you aren't already practicing self exams, check this out: This how to conduct a breast self exam from the American Cancer Society will walk you through it.

Most of us understand the statistics. We can read, after all. But we make choices anyway and it's awfully nice to know that just because we made the choice to surgically enhance our breasts, it doesn't put us at any greater risk.

That said, it does mean we need to be more vigilant and perhaps more aware than others.

Does this make you feel relieved?


Image via jennifrog/Flickr


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